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McElroy University Training

Benefits of Receiving McElroy Training from Industrial Sales Company:

  • Get Qualified by an Industry Leader
  • Gain Hands on Experience
  • Receive Documented Results
  • Increase your Value on the Job
McElroy Universtiry Certified Instructor
  • Learn Safety Procedures
  • Be More Productive on Jobs
  • Pass Through a Testing Process
  • Local Training Available

Courses Offered

Operator Qualification Courses

Topics Covered: Fusion Theory, Proper Fusion Techniques, Sidewall Fusion, Application Tips, Equipment Design, Troubleshooting Resources, DOT Requirements (PHMSA), Preventative Maintenance and ASTM Standards

Small Diameter

Manual Fusion
1/2″ CTS – 6″ DIPS

Medium Diameter

Hydraulic Fusion
2″ IPS – 20″ OD

Large Diameter

Hydraulic Fusion
8″ IPS – 65″ OD

Fusion Inspector Course

Topics Covered: Critical Factors and Theory Behind Butt Fusion, Electro-Fusion, Socket Fusion and Sidewall Fusion. Inspectors, Project Managers, Consulting Engineers, Quality Assurance Managers and Sales Professionals can benefit from this training.

Custom Training Courses

Contact Industrial Sales Company for more details at 800-662-6750

Training Validation

A Certificate of Training is given upon completion of each course.
(This Certification is valid for 2 years from the date of completion)


Flexible scheduling available upon request. 
(Minimum class size: 3) 

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