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Polyethylene pipe and fittings continue to be the products of choice for numerous applications and in a multitude of industries.  HDPE is used for telecommunication fiber optics, electric cable protection and power transmission conduit for the growing wind farm industry. Installing polyethylene pipe conveniently from reels, paired with the application of fusion technology, increases efficiency for underground city installations, as well as long distance piping runs in rural locations for fiber optics and wind energy applications.


We distribute, stock and support top of the line products from industry leading manufacturers for numerous pipe, valve, fitting and equipment applications within the territories we represent.


We provide a large supply of on-hand inventory at competitive prices, timely deliveries and trained technical support to ensure customer expectations are reached during and after the purchase.


We support customers, manufacturers and all involved employees in their efforts to provide the best products and services for the application, in order to ensure end user satisfaction is attained.

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